Évélina Simon discovers the harp with Celtic music. A fusion happens with the instrument and she starts composing on her first year of lessons.
In the following years, she joins the Harp Vivace Ensemble, with thirty harps playing the greatest tunes of classical music. She will take her first steps on the big stage: Les Folles Journées, Arles Harp Festival, Tour in Germany, recording of a CD.

In parallel, she sets up her own musical group “les greens gueurneuilles” which also knows its hour of glory (notably at Tissé Métisse and Arts-sur-Maine) before disappearing 6 years later.
Following this, she launched her first solo CD with personal composition inspired by Celtic and World music, mixing the harp and vocals.
She likes to feature the harp and its capabilities by playing songs of all genres: World music, Flamenco inspiration, Blues…


With the release of his first novel in 2010, a second CD is created to serve as a “soundtrack” for a book, mixing the harp and other instruments in a fantasy atmosphere. For the volume 3 release of her Alastars Trilogy in 2014, new compositions have been recorded to accompany the reader!
Currently his harp projects are expanding towards young children, by creating a lively musical tale with harp for kindergarten. His harp is also used to relax and entertain in retirement homes!

Following the increasing requests from harpists eager to learn the harp, Evélina and her companion launched the 1st online international harp school in 2016. It took 2 years of intensive work for to see the light, with a full learning curriculum to learn the harp in videos, and famous pieces taught by world-class artists!
In 2017, she starts a new musical project with her companion with a Harp and Drums duo, and her most dynamic compositions in a World / Reggae genre.


In 2020, with all her compositions created over the past years, a double album is released. Two CDs for two atmospheres with peaceful Celtic, dancing World music, groovy Reggae, magical lullabies… A 22 tracks journey!

And as one project always brings up another, the next creation for the end of 2020 will be the release of a book with audio ; and will bring life to the story of « Anna et la goutte magique », currently available as an audio tale download.

Her days are currently punctuated by her students over Skype from all over the world (France, USA, Switzerland, Belgium…) Evélina also keeps arranging and filming new songs for